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Children exposed to high quality early learning translates​ into a child’s ability ​to

create a healthy, fulfilling life.

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Selecting a Childcare Program

Choosing a child care program is one of the most important and difficult decisions you will make. When you’re looking for child care, you want to find a program that’s convenient, open when you need it, and within your budget. But most importantly, you need a child care program that makes sure your child is safe, healthy, and learning.

To make sure your child care supports your child, your family, and your ability to get to work, it’s important to choose aa high-quality child care program. High-quality care between birth and age 5 can help make sure that your child is ready to start school. 

It’s often hard to identify high-quality child care. How can you find quality child care? What does a quality child care program look like? Check out for tools to help you get started. 


How do I know what's available?

Visit Children's Home Society (CHS) Resource and Referral (R&R) Program. This program is available Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and  provides parents and guardians with information about child care options, provides referrals to resources available in your community, and gives referrals to licensed child care programs throughout the Yuba County area.

​An R&R Specialists can help you find licensed child care based on your family’s needs. To learn more about other services available through the R&R Program, click here or contact the CHS office. A Program Specialist will contact you directly to provide referrals.

For your convenience, you may also search the online child care referral database for referrals that meet your family’s unique needs.


What is Family, Friend and Neighbor Care?

Family, friend, and neighbor care (FFN) is provided in the child’s or caregiver’s home by a person who is a relative, friend, neighbor,  babysitter or nanny. These providers are typically exempt from licensing and regulations


Tips for Choosing This Type of Care:

  • Although your family, friend, and neighbor care provider is probably someone you are close to and feel comfortable with, you should make sure your caregiver takes first aid and CPR training.

  • Your caregiver will be a very important person in your child’s life. It is important to discuss your desires and beliefs about daily routines, nutrition, discipline, safe sleep, and screen time with your provider to ensure that you agree on how your child will be cared for when you are not there.

  • Discuss how, together, you and your child’s caregiver can support your child’s learning. Work together to plan and provide learning activities.

  • Be sure to think about things like payment, holidays, and safety of the home environment as you’re making your decision.


Why Families Choose This Type of Care:

​Families who choose this type of care report that they know and trust the caregiver. Families may like the flexibility in scheduling and transportation. Family, friend, and neighbor care is also often the least expensive type of care available.



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