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"All Yuba County children are healthy and thriving in safe and nurturing family environments and ready to succeed in their educational experiences."


"First 5 in Yuba

County will strategically support the use of community resources and services to enhance the development and well-being of children 0 through 5 and their families."


Proposition 10 was approved by California voters in 1998, and established the California Children and Families Commission, known as First 5 California.  It authorized the establishment of county commissions in all fifty-eight California counties. Prop 10 generates approximately $450 million annually from tax on cigarettes and other tobacco products.  First 5 California uses 20 percent of the annual revenues for statewide parent education efforts and administration.  The remaining 80 percent is divided among county commissions, with county birth rates used to determine annual funding allocations.  

In Yuba County, First 5 is responsible for the management and investment of Prop 10 revenues in our County. All Prop 10 revenues must be spent only on promoting, supporting and improving the development of all children, from prenatal through age five.

The work and investments of First 5 Yuba are guided by a seven member commission.  Commissioners are appointed by the Yuba County Board of Supervisors in compliance with the California Children and Families Act.  First 5 in Yuba County is a public entity legally separate and apart from the County, and is considered a component unit of the County due to the operational relationship between First 5 and the County.  Commissioners represent the fields of education, health, mental health and local government.  As a public entity, the Commission bases its decisions on community input.  We observe The Brown Act Open Meetings for Local Legislative Bodies and public comment is always invited and welcome.

“It is the intent of this act to facilitate the creation and implementation of an integrated, comprehensive, and collaborative system of information and services to enhance optimal early childhood development and to ensure that children are ready to enter school. This system should function as a network that promotes accessibility to all information and services from any entry point into the system.”  
PROPOSITION 10 STATUTES, the California Children and Families Act HEALTH AND SAFETY CODE SECTION 130100-130155


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